We helping students in whole process regarding admission in Colleges and Universities of Chile where to get admission is quite difficult because of lengthy process including Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education. Education in Chile is very fast competent and based on good quality but all institution processing their admission with registration fee which is approximately $150 USD between $220 USD also taking their courses fee in installments which is very good facility for students.

Business in Chile

We PAKCHILE Services recommends you to do business in Chile which is the best option instead of jobs and the Chilean economy also attract business people so that's why Chilean government welcomes people from all over the world where foreigners enjoy its business due to Chilean currency. It plays a vital role throughout South America due to comparison with other countries currency. For example, $1,000 CLP Chilean Pesos is here like a one Chilean dollar and the value of this one dollar after converting to the USD currency is approximately $1.50 USD.

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PAKCHILE is a Chilean based company to provide consultancy services regarding company registration program, study program and about immigration advises.

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We are located in the region of Los Lagos in the city of Osorno, which is very famous for tourism, where many Argentines come by road almost every weekend. This region is called South of Chile, which is totally green zone.

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