Chile is the best place for business in South America and study in Chile is the best in all over the world by ranking.


PAKCHILE SERVICES is facilitating people for business from all countries who have intentions to began their business through appropriate channel with our expert consultants in any kind of work which would be under (SII) Chilean Department. SII department is one of the department which watches companies taxation matters and authorizes people for the business with its rules and regulation. We are providing services to our customers who are interested to start their own business in Chile and foreign students can study in the best Chilean ranked universities and Institutes by our support.

Register your company in Chile.

Your company would be 100% foreign-owned.

Could Apply Permanent Residency after 1 year.

All this information regarding immigration services is based according to Chilean Government Immigration Department.

Chile is yours (Chile es tuyo) Migration to Chile.

This video is created by Chilean Tourism Department.

Types of Services

  1. Business Consultants in Chile (doing business in Chile)
  2. Company Registration Consultants in Chile (how to register company in Chile)
  3. Consultants of Immigration in Chile (how to apply visa in Chile)
  4. Student Consultants in Chile (how to get admission in Chilean University)
  5. Business Management Advisors in Chile (How to manage business in Chile)

(Note: All company registration and Visa Immigration information is based according to Chilean Government Rules and Regulations. This note applies for all pages of this website)

About Company

PAKCHILE is a Chilean based company to provide consultancy services regarding company registration program, study program and about immigration advises.

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We are located in the region of Los Lagos in the city of Osorno, which is very famous for tourism, where many Argentines come by road almost every weekend. This region is called South of Chile, which is totally green zone.

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